Gone to the dogs

dead jed 3 cover

I’ve grown up firm in the belief  every kid would benefit from a pet. My first dog was Misty, a Corgi mix who was so protective of her leash, she would grown at us when we approached. It made it very difficult when we wanted to walk her.

My current dog is Sandy, an Australian kelpie mix whose favorite hobby is sniffing. I wish I could wear her nose for a while just to see what the big deal is. I knkow pizza smells good, but maybne it;s incredible with a nose a thousand times more powerful.

When I began to think of a storyline for the second Dead Jed book, thoughts didn’t include a dog. It was not until I was a chapter or so in that I wondered, “What kind of dog would a zombie like? A golden retriever, to fetch any lost limbs? Or a Shih Tzu, because it could lend itself to so many edging-on-bad-taste puns?” Then I realized what Jed needed – a zombie dog, an animal he could truly relate to. But just how does one go about finding a zombie dog? I’ve visited many an animal shelter and have never seen any undead canines. Quite honestly, I consider that a good thing.

There are inherent problems with having a zombie dog. When he sheds, it’s more than just fur. And zombie dogs have to be very careful at a dog park, since a playful black lab could nab a zombie tail and take off with it, believing it to be a cool toy.

Still, what zombie boy wouldn’t want a best friend zombie dog? You can see how it will turn out in December when “Dead Jed 2: Dawn of the Jed” is published.

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