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How many people does it take to form a club? One? If so, I would like to introduce the official Dead Jed Fan Club, better known at this point as Joshua.

Joshua is uniquely qualified to be the Dead Jed Fan Club because in his room he has displayed a Dead Jed post card, signed by me. He also has admitted to family members he wants to read the book when it comes out December 3. He has thus met all the requirements of the Dead Jed Fan Club – he likes reading, he likes zombies, and he did not stuff my autograph in his underwear drawer.

There are those who might argue that one person cannot make a club, and to them I say – whatever. You can make that rule when your character has a fan club.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must note Joshua has not exactly agreed to being the Dead Jed Fan Club. I proclaimed it to be true via Twitter, and he not only favorited the tweet, but retweeted it. As far as I’m concerned, that’s as good as raising his right hand and saying, “I. Joshua, do solemnly agree to be the Dead Jed Fan Club and promise to carry out my duties — of which there are none at this point and if that changes, we’ll have to talk — to the best of my abilities.”

You are probably wondering just how a 13-year-old boy became such a fan-club prodigy. Imagine a male infant born on the floor of Comicon 13 years ago, his mother sure she had two more weeks before he would arrive, thus spending a glorious San Diego weekend cosplaying as Ethereaus, Goddess of Eternity, her powers as plain as the silver colander on her head. Now imagine that baby taking it all in, the superheroes and space warriors and, of course zombies. Could his destiny have been any different?

Now stop imagining all that because of course it didn’t happen. Joshua’s aunt also is a writer, and she and I met at a book convention several months ago. She said, “My nephew would probably want to read Dead Jed, could you sign a post card for him?”

Little did I know that as soon as I said, “Sure,” the foundation of the Dead Jed Fan Club had been laid.  

I have no idea where the fan club will go from here. I’d like to think of a day where membership is doubled, if not tripled. And then in a few years, at the Elk Hills Mall Comicon (your photo with Grumpy Cat, $1!), a woman will give birth in the fan club’s booth and she will name it Jed, and he will, uh …

Yeah, I haven’t really thought that one out. Besides, it was getting a little too weird.

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