Genesis of Jed

Welcome to my official author blog, which is not to be confused with my unofficial blog that does exist and is difficult to find since I haven’t done anything with it in years. It was started in those innocent times when everyone thought all they had to do was write a blog and the world would come. The world did not. Stupid world.

The goal is to try harder now, sharing thoughts and insights relevant to those who may want to know a little bit about the guy who wrote about an undead seventh grader. Like, for example, why would a guy write about an undead seventh grader? Hasn’t it been done hundreds of times before? And just how far has “Dead Jed: Adventures of a Middle School Zombie” lowered the bar for getting a book published?

The answers are, in order: I thought it could be fun, surprisingly no, and why would you ask that without even reading the book?

Since “Dead Jed” won’t be out until Dec. 3, and you likely have very little interest in the author of a book you can’t buy, I’m  going to keep this introduction short and sweet. Well. at least short. I hope you’ll come back every now and then, get to know me a bit, as I look forward to getting to know you through comments and other forms of digital interactivity (including Twitter, where I’m @Scott_Craven2, since other Scott Cravens took my first few choices — stupid Scott Cravens).

Again, thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you soon.


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